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With over 10 years experience (25+ at home) and with a wide variety of clients. Offering home and office repairs for the Valleys area and beyond

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Learn more about Hawthorne HCR here. Call anytime for advice on issues, upgrades, security. You name it. Find contact details here.

Web Design

Ask to discuss a web design project. I can help with any business type and any form of site. I created this site for myself.

Home and Business

Experience in business support and after doing this for a few years, experience at home support too. 

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Born and raised in the South Wales Valleys

Lloyd Hawthorne

Just lil ‘ole me

I have an interest in developing games, producing music, teaching and inspiring others and helping out whatever, wherever I can. That’s what Hawthorne HCR is all about, helping out the locals first and foremost. I started this around two years ago after returning from London (a fun little stint for a few years). After helping someone out it occured to me I can help others with a skill that they may not necessarily have; computing. I’ve met so many great people over the years and find the whole thing rewarding. 

Previous work

Recently completed for Crown Hair UK in Cardiff

My most recent project and took a few days to complete. Optimising the Search Engine was the hardest part. The text was inherited from an old site so warranted a review of all the content to ensure the keywords hit. Quite like the design too. Follow the link to see (don’t forget to click the back button to return)


Previous work

Recently completed for Asha-Counselling in Nelson

A recent redesign saw this project come to life. It started as a simple site last year and required a redesign to draw in more corporate clients (and more clients in general). It actually didn’t look right at first but we uploaded photos of Beca’s choosing and it all came together. Mine were simply ‘too corporate’. A clean, simple design and will be developed further. Follow the link to see (don’t forget to click the back button to return)


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A lot of time on computers has meant that I’ve inherited a lot of different experiences. Any issues, any queries, find out how I can help by following the link for Products and Services.

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